BDPK - Bundeskongress 2016
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10. Krankenhaus-Qualitätstag NRW
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Wing-Chung im Klinikum oder wie Sie Beschwerden in positive Energie verwandeln
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12. Tagung Risikomanagement MHH
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Zielgruppenorientiertes Patientenfeedback: Präzisionsgerät statt Gießkanne
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Patient safety, patient safety, satisfaction of patients, staff and referring physicians

In the medical facilities of the healthcare domains the focus is on people: patients, referring physicians and last but not least the staff. The higher the satisfaction level of these groups, the more successful the hospital, old people's homes, ambulance and emergency services or doctor's practice will be. We will find out how your institution is perceived and show you how you can boost the satisfaction of those groups.

Holzäpfel & Neufang GbR

Customer testimonials

"For us, as external consultants and QM supervisors, it is important to engage directly with the affected work areas as well as the employees that are engaged with the planning of implementations. The surveys of Mecon and the quality and risk audits of anaQuestra®proCheck are great prerequisites." (Alexander Neufang, consultant and co-owner of Holzäpfel & Neufang GbR)

Holzäpfel & Neufang GbR

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Guaranteed all-round satisfaction

How satisfied are your patients, referring physicians and employees truly? Where's your bottleneck? What is easiest to optimize? anaQuestra®360°analysis investigates the groups of people that are most important and creates a comprehensive picture.

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anaQuestra®proCheck – minimizing efforts for audits

The first impression of the casualty department, medical consultation and outpatient examination have a crucial influence on the later choice of clinic. The anaQuestra® ambulanceCheck analyses the patient satisfaction and compares (benchmark) it to other out-patient facilities and shows ways to optimise.

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anaQuestra®ambulanceCheck – using the chance of the fist contact

anaQuestra® proCheck makes the complex processes of risk audits and quality audits easy and safe. This instrument allows you to access the by far most extensive questionnaires, generate reports and evaluations and let’s you track your actions continually.

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